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DON'T WASH YOUR FACE, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE pH! Tips for acne prone skin

Do you have acne? DON'T WASH YOUR FACE, It's ALL ABOUT THE pH!

This may seem like a silly statement to some. Many people mistakenly believe that people with acne don't wash enough, but this cant be farther from the truth. Here are 3 tips for people with acne.........


Why? Our skin pH is on the acidic side. With 7 being neutral, our skin pH is around 4.5 to 5.5. Our healthy skin pH is on the acidic side because bacteria do not like acid, they need an alkaline environment to survive. Soap (anything that lathers, bubbles, foams etc.) by nature is highly alkaline. When we use soap to wash our face (even natural soap is alkaline), we are actually doing the opposite of what we should be doing to get rid of pimples, we are feeding the bacteria that causes pimples! Besides that, if we wash all the oils away, it just comes back worse than before. So what should you do to remove dead skin, oil, bacteria and dirt? There are a number of things you can do. First take a warm/hot wash cloth with plain water, let sit on face and then rub your face to open up those pores. Gently exfoliate with a natural product to remove dead skin, sebum and the like. Use natural clay masks to draw out impurities. Use toners to tone and dissolve impurities. Don't forget to follow up with some natural oils that have astringent properties and pore unclogging properties. We don't want to strip our face of all oils because it will produce more oil. A good, mild natural acne cream that does not strip your face to top it all off is good. BUT, the best skin routine won't help what's really going on inside us that is the root of our trouble! Read on....

#2 DRINK LOTS OF WATER *(see caution statement below)
Why? Because or internal pH determines our skin PH. Believe it or not, if our internal pH is on the acidic side, our skin pH will be on the alkaline side! Yeah funny how that works! As a matter of fact, an acid internal PH means lots of problems not only with skin, but also causes other issues like stinky sweat, fungal infections, and even more serious diseases. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and water has a neutral pH of 7. The closer our internal pH is to 7.35 - 7.45, the higher our level of health and well being and our ability to resist states of disease. Deviations above or below a 7.35 -7.45 pH range in the blood can signal potentially serious and dangerous symptoms or states of disease. Drinking about 8 -10 glasses of distilled water a day can help to flush out toxins that would normally try and come out of our skin (causing pimples) and can help to balance our pH.

Why? Because these foods lower our internal pH (making it acidic) and raise our skin pH (making it alkaline). Again, we want our internal pH to be closer to neutral to avoid acne and other potentially serious diseases. Besides that, those foods also clog up our system, making our whole system sluggish. They are foods that are hard to digest, and the longer stuff like that stays in our system, the longer it has to rot and produce toxins that will ultimately come through our pores. It's like a blocked up sewer system. If we keep putting waste into a blocked sewer system, eventually it has to go somewhere and it comes out of places we don't want it. Our sewer line starts to back up when we eat junk like this, causing all kinds of problems to our body. You wouldn't want to live in a house filled with sewer waste would you? Then why live in a body filled with sewer waste!
Teenagers tend to have the worst diets, filled with refined foods, sugars, meats and dairy and tend to avoid water, fresh veggies and fresh fruits. No wonder many teenagers have acne! And if that diet keeps up, they are prone to other, more serious diseases later in life when the immune system starts to get weakened by age.
Besides diet, why do teenagers, young adults, and women around the menstrual period get acne? All these people have something in common, and that is an excess of hormones (and I'd be willing to bet, an acidic internal pH). Excess hormones cause an excess of sebum (oils the skin produce) which in turn is food for acne causing bacteria. In people who don't get acne, the body is able to rid itself of those excess hormones better than the person who gets acne due to hormones. Why is that? It goes back to internal chemistry, and ultimately diet (sorry folks but we can't avoid the diet link here). If you system is balanced, and working properly, then your liver is working properly too, and is able to rid the body of those excess hormones. BUT..if your sewer system is backed up and your internal pH is off, then your body cannot function properly, and it can't rid itself of the excess hormones. If you are producing extra sebum (due to excess hormones), which is food for acne causing bacteria, and your skin is alkaline, then those bacteria have everything they need to survive on your skin. They have a comfy home, and plenty of food! Don't make them comfortable if you don't want them to live there.
Get your whole internal system balanced, and your body will run like a well oiled machine (excuse the pun)! Don't believe me? Why don't you give it a try and see for yourself? If you do decide to give it a try, do a little research first. You may experience a healing crises, which can make things temporarily worse, but you will get past it and feel/look better than you have before you started.
Now if only my own teenagers would listen to me! ;0) They think I'm just being an over-reactive "mom". ;0)

May you live long, be healthy, and most of all, enjoy the day you have been given today!

A WORD OF CAUTION: Water is very good for you, but don't get crazy and overdo it. Drinking several gallons of water within a short time period can cause an imbalance of electrolytes that regulate heatbeat. You can cause your heart to stop if you "drown" yourself with water. Be moderate. 8-10 glasses of water spread out throught the day is sufficient. In addition, if you replace a few glasses with fresh juiced fruits and veggies, you will be adding minerals, vitamins, and enzymes your body needs.

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